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Discussion regarding current and future development of the SnowCHECK Server Monitor System
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Beta Progress

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The first private beta release is currently undergoing testing locally and on a clients live site and it looks like the first public beta should be ready tog o at the end of this month.

Features at this stage include:

- Live AWS weather feeds from the Bureau of Meterology for Australian Ski resoprts and local AWS Stations.
- Metar weather feeds for overseas locations
- Ability to setup individual resort reports with secure admin and reporter access/
- Option to allow overseas snow report feeds from various sources
- General News Module
- Ability to link to external source snowcams

The system's front end is modular and should be able to be plugged into virtually any website that allows for php includes.

The system is being tested to run under both PHP 4 and 5 and MySQL 4 and 5

More details and some screen shots to come shortly
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